About Me

Contact Information

E-mail: youngkilee AT smu.edu.sg
Phone: +65-6808-5421

Research Interests

I am an assistant professor of the school of information systems in Singapore management university. I received my PhD from the computer science department in KAIST, Korea, and joined SMU in 2013. I have broad research interests in building experimental and creative software systems, which involve multi-dimensional considerations across operating systems, applications, and users. More specifically, my research interest lies in building mobile and sensor systems to enable always-available and highly-enriched awareness on human behavior, emotion, and surrounding contexts. Furthermore, I have been building innovative life-immersive sensing applications in various application domains such as daily healthcare, childcare, education, and retails in collaboration with domain experts. Here is the link to my research statement and CV, and I summarized my current research interests as below. 
  • Mobile Sensing Systems and Applications
    • Mobile context sensing (location, activity, group, conversation, etc.)
    • Internal human state sensing (attention, stress, depression, etc.)
    • Mobile deep learning for continuous vision sensing
    • Daily healthcare and well-being Applications
  • OS Support for Mobile/IoT/Wearable Devices 
    • IoT and cyber-physical systems for smart spaces
    • Energy efficiency and concurrency support
    • Programming model for continuous sensing applications
    • Innovative user experiences using wearable devices
  • Large-Scale Data Analytics and Experimentation Platform
    • Large-scale mobile testbed
    • Mobile sensing-supported behavioral experimentation 
    • Computational social science 
    • Urban context analytics (queue, groups, crowds, etc.)


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, KAIST, Korea, Feb. 2013
    • Thesis Title: Cooperative Context Monitoring Platform for Life-Immersive Sensing Applications
      [* Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award in Computer Science Dept *]
  • B.S., Computer Science, KAIST, Korea, Feb. 2004
  • Incheon Science High School, Incheon, Korea, Feb. 1999


  • Assistant Professor, School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University, Singapore, March 2013 - Present
  • Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science, KAIST, Korea, June 2015 - Present
  • Research Intern, Networking Research Group, Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA, April 2007 ~ June 2007, Mentor: Sharad Agarwal
  • Research Intern, System Research Group, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China, September 2006 ~ March 2007, Mentor: Zheng Zhang
  • Teaching Assistant, Computer Science, KAIST, September 2004 ~ August 2008
    • Operating Systems and Lab, Computer Network, Internet System Technologies, Creative System Design, Formal Languages and Automata.
  • Undergrad Intern, Embedded OS Group, Samsung Software Center, Suwon, Korea, July 2003 ~ August 2003

PhD Students


  • IS480 Final Year Project, Spring 2017.
  • IS203 Software Engineering, Fall 2016.
  • IS203 Software Engineering, Fall 2015.
  • IS203 Software Engineering, Fall 2014.
  • IS203 Software Engineering, Fall 2013.

Academic Services

  • ACM UbiComp 2018, Program Co-Chair and General Co-Chair
  • ACM MobiSys 2018, Technical Programm Committee
  • Workshop on Embedded and Mobile Deep Learning 2018, Technical Programm Committee 
  • ACM HotMobile 2018, Technical Programm Committee
  • ACM IMWUT, Associate Editor
  • Workshop on Embedded and Mobile Deep Learning 2017, Technical Programm Committee 
  • Physical Analytics Workshop 2017, Technical Programm Committee 
  • ACM MobiSys 2017, External Review Committee
  • IEEE SECON 2017, Technical Programm Committee
  • ACM HotMobile 2017, Technical Programm Committee and App Co-Chair
  • IEEE INFOCOM 2017, Technical Programm Committee
  • ACM MobiCom 2016, App Chair
  • Mobiquitous 2016, Technical Programm Committee 
  • Physical Analytics Workshop 2016, Technical Programm Committee 
  • WearSys Workshop 2016, Technical Programm Committee 
  • ACM MobiSys 2016, Technical Programm Committee 
  • ACM MobiSys 2016, Local Arrangement Chair
  • ACM HotMobile 2016, Technical Programm Committee
  • Urb-IoT 2016, Publicity Chair
  • IEEE INFOCOM 2016, Technical Programm Committee (Recognized as a distinguished member)
  • ICDCN 2016, Publication Chair
  • ACM SenSys 2015, Workshop Co-Chair
  • ACM Workshop on Mobile Systems for Computational Social Science (MCSS) 2015, Program Co-Chair
  • Physical Analytics Workshop 2015, Technical Programm Committee
  • ACM UbiComp 2015, Doctoral School Co-Chair
  • ACM UbiComp 2015, Technical Programm Committee
  • ACM MobiSys 2015, External Review Committee
  • Mobiquitous 2015, Technical Programm Committee
  • IEEE SECON 2015, Technical Programm Committee 
  • ACM Workshop on Mobile Systems for Computational Social Science (MCSS) 2014, Technical Programm Committee and Publicity Chair 
  • MobiCase 2014, Publicity Chair
  • ACM UbiComp 2014, Technical Programm Committee
  • ACM MobiSys 2014, External Review Committee
  • ACM Multimedia Systems Conference Special Session on Mobile Multimedia Sensing (MMSys) 2014, Technical Programm Committee
  • PAKDD workshop on Mobile Sensing, Mining and Visualization for Human Behavior Inference 2014, Technical Programm Committee 
  • ICMU 2014, Technical Programm Committee
  • ACM Hotmobile 2014, Student Travel Grant Chair
  • APSys 2013, Poster/Demo Session Chair
  • ACM Workshop on Pervasive Urban Crowdsensing Architecture and Applications (PUCAA) 2013, Technical Programm Committee
  • ACM MobiSys Ph.D. Forum 2013, Organizing Committee

Honors and Awards

  • Lee Kong Chian Fellowship, 2017 
  • Best Paper Award (Smartwatch-based Diet Monitoring), WristSense Workshop, 2015
  • Best Paper Award (TalkBetter), ACM CSCW, 2014
  • Best Demo Award (SocioPhone), ACM HotMobile, 2013
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award, KAIST Computer Science Department, 2012
  • Best Demo Award (ExerLink), ACM MobiSys, 2012
  • KOSAF National Science and Engineering Graduate Research Scholarship, 2010
  • KFAS Graduate Study ScholarshipKorea Foundation for Advanced Studies, 2004 ~ 2008
  • Ph.D. Student FellowshipMicrosoft Research Asia, 2006
  • Best Paper Award (BMQ-Index)IEEE MDM, 2006
  • Honorable Mention (MISSA), SAMSUNG Human Tech Thesis Prize, 2006
  • Bronze Prize (LARI), SAMSUNG Human Tech Thesis Prize, 2005
  • Summa Cum Laude GraduationKAIST, 2004
  • Highest Academic Excellence ScholarshipKAIST, 1999 ~ 2003